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Just wanted to let you know how great the tune turned out. It made an incredible difference. Faster and smoother acceleration, better throttle response, smoother idle, no decel popping, the bike runs like a champ. I think it’s even running cooler. I rode home in stop and go traffic. When I turned the bike off the motor wasn’t ticking like it usually does, has to mean something good. Thank you for a great running bike.

Steve Bradford


Thanks very much for the great job on the top end rebuild and dyno you did on my bike. It all started with browsing the web and finding the Johnson Engine Technology heads. Once I settled on upgrading I was lucky to find you guys only a few miles from where I live.
My bike never really ran correct after I changed the exhaust/air cleaner and had a Power Commander installed a few years back. It had been put on a dyno 3 different times but still sputtered and popped especially on decel. Now it runs like a clock with power to spare. You guys really delivered!

Ron Mercer

2005 FLHRI

I’ve been riding my 2008 Street Glide for 22,900 miles with a Vance and Hines fuel pack. I didn’t know how bad it was running. You tuned my engine on your dyno and from the moment I left your shop I felt an amazing improvement in performance! No decel popping, it feels smoother, it responds better, it sounds better and the bike has more power from idle on up!
Great work and you kept me informed all the way through!

Dan Mabbott

2008 FLHX

I recently had my Sportster in your shop for tuning and I have to say after having ridden it for a few weeks since the tune it is probably the best money I have spent on the bike. After changing the pipes and intake it was running very lean even with the map provided by Power Commander. It would pop like crazy on decel, run hot, and had a flat spot in the low rpm’s. After getting it tuned, it pulls hard and clean throughout the entire rev range, runs cooler, and I haven’t had a single pop on decel. Thanks for doing such a great job.

Josh Jenkins

2008 XL1200

Located in Costa Mesa in sunny southern California, Cycledoctor has been operating since January 16, 1996. In May of 1999, I purchased a Dynojet Model 200 dynomometer in order to accurately measure the results of engine building and performance tuning. I realized the necessity of this after witnessing John Golden extract 6 horsepower from my engine after the bike had been “dynotuned” on three different dynos.
It became clear to me that seat of the pants was not sufficient. Small differences in performance resulting from timing or jet changes cannot be felt ‘seat of the pants’. The dynamometer is a necessary tool required for proper engine tuning. Although I knew of 8 dynos in Orange County, either they were unavailable to me, or I lacked faith in the operator of the machine. No one I had ever seen operated a dyno like John Golden. Since he rarely comes to California, I decided to purchase one myself and learn how to use it.

The dynamometer at Cycledoctor is equipped with the extended chassis and can handle extra long bikes. It has a starter motor that spins the drum allowing me to start bikes on the dyno that are kick start only. The dynamometer is also equipped with an exhaust gas anylizer that displays the air/fuel mixture for precise tuning. In 2005, I added the Eddy Current brake so I can tune fuel injected bikes creating accurate maps over the entire RPM range, throttle position, under any load.

Now being able to achieve maximum tuning of the engine (at sea level), it was time to go to El Mirage and see what I could do. On July 18th, 1999, I went 149 mph on my 80 inch FXR street bike after tuning the bike and experimenting with different gearing. Then on June 25, 2000, I went 153 mph at the Muroc dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base. I ran the bike with the same engine for 3 seasons without any kind of failures as a demonstration of the reliability of Johnson Engine Technology high performance engine modifications.

The dynamometer is a great tool for high performance work. It enables the user to make changes and know if they were beneficial or not with precision. The training I have recieved from Matt Gross and time spent in the dyno room with Mike Roland has enabled me to be proficient in the operation of my dyno, evident by the results I have been able to attain.

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