Drive, Transmission, and Clutch

Lets Shift Gears For A Moment

Taking care of your transmission can be a real pain, unless you have someone on your side.

Hard shifting, over-revving, and stopping too hard are just some of the reasons why you can have a major drivetrain problem. We have seen everything from stripped gears to broken belts. While we can fix any drivetrain problems you have, we always prefer to perform regular maintenance on your primary, clutch, and transmission to make sure you avoid the costly bill later.

Clutch Diagnostics

You might think your transmission problem is worse than it is.

You might have have very jerky shifts, or you might not be getting into gear properly, and you could be avoiding the trip to us because you don't want to have to rebuild your transmission. We understand that hesitation, but before you worry about which kidney you need to sell for your beloved bike (with us, you never will), it might be a simple clutch issue. Often times, a simple adjustment and some lubrication is all you need to get back on the road, where you belong. So don't worry, just call us or come on in and we'll be happy to get you riding happily again.

Whether you need a simple clutch adjustment or your transmission needs to be rebuilt, Cycledoctor should be your first choice when thinking about your bikes performance and abilities. You can trust our experience and expertise to deliver the best quality, best service, and best pricing for you to get on the road and stay there for the long haul.

If you need any assistance or just have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (949) 645-1235 or you can send us a message by going to our Contact page.


Hourly Shop Rate

$150 Per Hour

This is our standard motorcycle repair rate.

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