Harley-Davidson Performance and Repair Specialists

With over 27 years in business, we are Orange County's best service and repair facility for your Harley Davidson or American Twin Motorcycle

Motorcycle Service

We use top quality oils and filters and include a 20-point inspection every time

Transmission & Clutch Repair

We can help you with any drivetrain problems you may be facing


We can do almost any type of custom work to your Harley-Davidson

Engine Rebuilding

We can repair any engine problems your bike has and get you back on the road

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is our specialty, with a Dyno machine ready to go


We carry a huge selection of tires and can install them at a great price

Our Company Values

To deliver the highest quality of service to our customers every time.

Our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of motorcycle service and repair. From vintage American Twins to shiny new Harleys, we know these bikes inside and out and can provide the best level of service to always keep you satisfied.

A Little Of Our Story

We were simply born to fix motorcycles for a living

Cycledoctor started as a dream I had in 1995, when I wanted to branch out on my own and do what I loved to do, which was work on American Twins and Harley-Davidsons. When I opened up my shop, I was always grateful for every customer I had. To this day, I keep up that same level of customer service to make sure every person who comes to my shop stays a customer for life.

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The Difference

Lower Overhead and Better Training

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Located in Costa Mesa, California, is a shop called The Harley Doctor, and the owner, Geoffrey Gaites, has been healing sick bikes since 1996. He has a PHD in Harley Davidson tech from M.M.I. and has been a practicing bike doctor since 1989. (more…)

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You can build your Harley any way you want, but when you're done, it's still a Harley. This statement has been made countless times by countless people allegedly wise in the ways of Milwaukee's famous motorcycles. But Robert Johnson disagrees. In fact, he offers his own alternative conviction: "An engine can't read what's written on the valve covers." That first remark says that the character of a Harley's powerband doesn't change, stock or modified: Off the bottom, torque is mighty, but it dwindles away as the revs build. Johnson's philosophy, however, means that an engine doesn't have to be stuck…