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Scheduled Maintenance

Our goal is awareness and prevention. Being absolutely familiar with 100% of the motorcycle is something that nobody can afford not to be. This is where our expertise is of the most value. By inspecting and servicing every part of the bike we can stay ahead of the challenges of staying on the road.

We use our complete and comprehensive checklist based on the service schedules of many generations of Harley-Davidson to leave nothing to chance. We want to know your bike and share our knowledge with you for the utmost of confidence in your next adventure that everything is right. And if you are considering a used bike purchase, our team is exactly who you want scrutinizing your interest to help you make the most informed decision. We’ve been studying bikes for decades and know what to look for.

It Doesn't Stop There

We always check every important function of your bike

We have our own routine that we perform for free. We check every bike we work on for the basics; we assume ownership and the responsibility of a pre-ride inspection: tire pressure, oil level, lighting, and because it is so common to have loose battery cables, we check those too. This is included in every visit regardless of why and we do not charge any additional labor.

Whether you need a standard service, or you are in need of your 1000 mile, 5K, 10K, or any other service, you can trust our experience and expertise to deliver the best quality, best service, and best pricing for you to get on the road and stay there for the long haul.

If you need any assistance or just have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (949) 645-1235 or you can send us a message by going to our Contact page.


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Right now we have specials for motorcycle service which can save you hundreds of dollars.
Oil change and 20-point inspection for new customers!

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