Custom Dyno and EFI Tuning

Get the power as it is meant to be

Compared to carburetors, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems have the ability to meter fuel and adjust to varying temperatures, air pressures, and vehicle loads with fantastic precision. In order for it to do it right, it needs help with one unknown - the volume of air that is entering the engine. This is the limitation of both the Speed Density and Alpha-N type fuel injection systems. Until a Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor is adapted to a Harley, a dynamometer and wide band oxygen sensors are the indispensable tools used to educate the EFI with the missing component: volumetric efficiency (VE).

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Get it straight and the results will amaze you

Not just at wide open throttle, but everywhere. Part throttle, cruising, accelerating, idling, uphill, downhill - it always works right. Great throttle response, optimal fuel economy, no excessive engine temperatures, no pinging, no hesitation, no popping, no misfires - these are the results of a properly calibrated fuel management system.

The Speed/Density EFI is the best available. Alpha-N systems simply can not provide precise control over the fuel delivery and the timing in the same way. And no other system even comes close to the fine tuning of each mode of operation that the Delphi system is capable of.

From stock to the most radical builds, there is no better choice.

Dyno Pricing

EFI Dyno Tuning Takes About 4 Hours

Dyno Labor Rate


Basic Run


Tuning — carburetor (estimated)


Tuning — EFI (estimated)


*RDRS Calibration using TTS Mastertune



Stock on all 2020 LiveWire™, CVO™, Police and Trike models and optional on all 2020 Touring models in the U.S. (except Electra Glide® Standard Model) is the Reflex™ Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) – but not every bike is equipped with this. If the upper half of the space on your horn button is blank, you do not have it (see photo, click for video).

UPDATE: Now on late 2023up Softails

Whenever power output from the engine is increased, the RDRS system must be re-calibrated in order for the new performance to be utilized. This can be done using the TTS Mastertune and requires an additional 3-4 hours of run time on the dyno on top of standard tuning.

Because the RDRS system is integrated with all of the control systems on the motorcycle, the torque request system and resulting limitations cannot be disabled without causing error codes that cannot be cleared. Tuning is a must.

Info and videos on the RDRS and related systems here.

EFI Basic Tuning Schedule

Setup: chassis, exh evac, wide bands, base cal


MAP sensor cal, cam tune, initial fuel table edit


Fuel tables, steady state, acceleration


Ignition timing table editing


Cruise range adjustment


Throttle response, decel pop


Street tune, final adjustments and assembly


Total EFI Calibration Time (not including RDRS)


Carbureted Basic Tuning Schedule

Setup: chassis, exh evac, wide band, jetting


Idle mixture/speed adjustment, initial timing


Wide open testing and main jet adjustments


Mid-range load test and fuel circuit adjustments


Timing advance and curve adjustment


Road test, final adjustments and assembly


Total Carbureter Tuning Time


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