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    Testing is performed on the dynamometer at the rate of $150 per hour with a 1⁄2 hour minimum.

    I understand that technicians at CYCLEDOCTOR will be doing a dynamometer test on my personal vehicle, which measures engine horsepower and torque to the drive wheel. I also understand that such test may subject the engine to stress loads and RPM's that may find a weakness and or cause a failure in the engine, transmission or any part of the driveline.

    The above named vehicle owner agrees to hold "HARMLESS" CYCLEDOCTOR or any of its employees or representative for any damage caused by or due to the DYNO testing of said vehicle. I also understand that CYCLEDOCTOR "WILL NOT PAY" for, nor reimburse the vehicle owner for any parts or labor caused by DYNO testing.

    CYCLEDOCTOR reserves the right to refuse any vehicle that we deem not to be in good or safe working order or that might be a hazard to operate on the Dyno.

    I have read the above terms and conditions and agree that I may not hold CYCLEDOCTOR responsible for any damage that might occur.


    Motorcycles modified with some racing/high performance parts must not be used on public roads and in some cases may be restricted to closed-course competition. Installation of this part(s) may adversely affect the emissions and/or noise control systems and should not be installed on a motorcycle for use on the public roads. Use of this part(s) may be illegal and could adversely affect limited warranty coverage.

    Engine related racing/high performance parts are intended FOR THE EXPERIENCED RIDER ONLY. This part(s) is not legal for sale or use in California on pollution- controlled vehicles.

    If this part(s) is installed on a pollution-controlled motor vehicle (motorcycle) in California, the registered owner may, at a future date, be subject to penalties and/or the enforced return of the vehicle to stock condition by law. The purchaser of this part(s) understands, and so acknowledges by signature below, that if either penalties or expenses (incurred in returning the purchaser’s motorcycle to stock parts) occur as a result of enforcement of present or future laws in California or any other state, that the purchaser/owner assumes all responsibility, and furthermore specifically and unconditionally releases Cycledoctor, Inc. dba Cycledoctor Inc. from any and all responsibility for these expenses and/or penalties, having been duly notified of the risks assumed through purchase or installation of this part(s), regardless of whether Cycledoctor, Inc. dba Cycledoctor Inc. is found to have violated any present or future law of California or any other state or Federal Government in selling or installing this part(s).

    I have read and understand the above statement and accept responsibility for proper use of this part(s) and for all expenses or penalties that may result from improper use of this part(s). I certify that this vehicle is being prepared for use on the track for race use only, and will not be ridden on public highways.

    July 14, 2024 7:48 PM