No Perris raceway I got to go and ride the dirt track at Perris. I went as a complete newbie I mean less than amateur. I found out a new term its Boner burnout. so I learned that if you’re going down there if you’re going down the straightaway on a dirt track bike and you got there and you got it sideways and you’re in a spin in the tire you’re doing what they call they call it a Boner burnout. because there’s people passing you when you got to be hooked up you got to be coming down the straightaway. You got to be you got to be connected with traction. So all the sliding is done on the entrance of the turn. You slide into the turn and then any slut any slide nerd you’re doing coming out of the turn on the gas is the least efficient way to be accelerating. so there so there’s a particular technique. so I I didn’t just ride any bike out there I rode a machine prepared by Ron wood for cycle world magazine prepared for my buddy Mark Cernicky. so you let me ride his bike so I had to listen. barked suspension was completely dialed in and it was it was it was hot so I went around the track did my second lap and I’m feeling the tires. I want to I’m trying to see how much bite there is. so secular app I’m gonna write a story second lap I lose it. I go out I wipe out I think hello Saddam come in through the turn and give it gas and I think in the back and comes around him he yeah

so I just did a session and then went in to get some pointers from Mark so he criticized me and every time I went out there I went faster and faster eventually I started I was slide nothing and then I went back in for some more pointers in there and my attitude on the bike was wrong. I’m not sit in the right place or there’s just some things that I never done this before and this is not like any other style writing I’ve ever done not even my Harley night at the fairgrounds. Having dirt track experience really prepared me for this it was it wasn’t because you can’t slut you can’t drift the Harley street bike. it is on the turning radius in and just different stuff going on so probably midway through the session I was riding it hard and then hit it I knew what I needed to do I knew I just needed to go flying into the corner and just because there was guys go get in people’s way there were some fast guys out there faster than me. So couple times they would try to get me on the inside that comes so twice dudes came screaming so hot they had their bikes like laying on the dirt sliding underneath me to the point where they went down. they went too fast and so I’m on the outside of them and their bikes on the dirt coming at me and I had to go around and avoid getting wiped out by am

I’m it was crazy and I and I did it I still I have beaded collision successfully. so I was proud of myself for that for being able to be in enough control that that kind of a thing to distract me and I was going at it hard so what does vision in mind of having to go flying to the church because if you don’t going fast you just going to use going to like your maintain it in right around the church so with this vision in mind I just finished my session turned right around and got back in line for times in a row determent to carry the specter the speed I needed to the church as I was getting a taste of it anyway eight but it got me so tired that eventually I just crashed. I just I just didn’t get my leg out and I want to do a turn and my leg back in I did and I went down. Your flight into a turn just wiped out no big deal pick up the bike and an end-year-old well visit. Yeah I got back on the course and I kept going but I was I was pretty spent. but then I was get instruction from up for Mark and then another guy Jim Woods this guy who’s a total pro. he was telling me you’re not riding the bike the bike writing you because you know he’s he was tell me you need 20 miles an hour more into the turn if you even want to be competitive an amateur level so he just got my blood going. back on it